German Cockroach

German Cockroach

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The German cockroach is the most common indoor roach species found in the Bay Area. The rate at which they reproduce make them the most tricky to treat. At least 95% of the population needs to be eliminated during an initial treatment or they will come back. German cockroaches breeds throughout the year and favor humid atmosphere with an average temperature of 70 degrees.

These little buggers love bathrooms, kitchens & pantries. From trash to crumbs left behind from a meal, the German cockroach is known to be able to survive on very little food. Day & Nite Pest Control has a team of technicians specifically trained to treat German cockroaches. Contact us today for a free estimate.


Distinguishing Characteristics:
German cockroach adults are about 1/2″ long, brown with two dark streaks on the thorax. The female is darker in color with a broader, more rounded posterior. Both sexes have wings as long as their bodies and can fly, but prefer to run.


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