House Spiders

House Spiders

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Depending on the species, house spiders can be found in both damp and warm, dry parts of buildings. Most species hide in cracks, darkened areas or in shelter they make from silk. Their diet includes insects, other spiders and any other prey caught in their web.

There are hundreds of spider species in the San Francisco Bay Area. Although commonly found outdoors, homeowners may find them in any area of the home. Often times house spiders enter a house through holes and gaps around window screens or doors.

Day & Nite Pest Control treats the following spiders: Crab Spiders, Cellar Spiders, Daddy Longlegs, Garden Spiders, Ground Spiders and House Spiders. If you reside in the Bay Area and want a technician to identify or spray for house spiders, Contact us today!


Distinguishing Characteristics:
Eight legs with no wings or antennae. Their bodies have only two sections – a fused head an thorax, and an abdomen. All spiders have a pair of jaw-like structures with a hollow, claw-like fang at the end.


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