Pantry Pests

Pantry Pests

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Pantry pests arrive at the most unsuspecting moment, such as when you’re ready to make your favorite batch of cookies. These little buggers find their way into flour, sugar, rice, cereal and more. Many unsuspecting homeowners bring pantry pests into their home through infested packages of foods. So if you’ve just found a pantry pests in your home, it’s not necessarily a reflection of your cleanliness.

Although pantry pests aren’t isolated to just the bay area, below are two of the most common pests found in cupboards & pantries.

Pantry Beetles
There are several species of beetles commonly found in dry foods. Warehouse beetles, sawtoothed grain beetles and the drugstore beetle to name a few. These pantry pests have an appetite for a variety of products and most lay eggs in packages of pasta, cocoa, nuts, dried beans and more. The life cycles for pantry beetles vary. Some survive for weeks others can live up to three years.

Getting control of your pest pantry situation if extremely important.  In addition to feeding on products in your cupboards they also deposit feces and castoff body parts in or on other pantry items.


Meal Moths & Weevils (pictured above – snout from head)
Meal moths are most commonly found in flour, rice, cereal and dried pasta. Chances are you probably won’t notice them until they are at an adult stage of development. If you notice small moths flying around the pantry or bugs with a long snout in or near packaged food, you probably have an infestation.

Day & Nite Pest Control is very familiar with all types of pantry pests. If you live in the Bay Area and found flour beetles or other little buggers spoiling your pantry Contact us today!