Roof Rats

Roof Rats

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The roof rat is a climber, commonly nesting in areas above the ground: trees, vines, attics, ceiling voids, or in voids along the roof line. These rats enter your home much like squirrels. As their population grows they will nest in underground burrows. They prefer seeds, nuts, fresh vegetables and fruits, but will eat meat and grain products. They become sexually mature in 2-3 months, with 4-6 litters per year, 4-8 pups per litter.

A few common signs of roof rat activity: hollowed citrus and other fruit, rat droppings, noises in your attic and walls or gnawing sounds and gnaw marks around roof eaves.

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Distinguishing Characteristics:
Adult roof rats weigh about 5-9 ounces,13-18 inches long. The tail is longer than the head and body combined. They have smooth (not shaggy) fur, large hairless ears and a pointed nose. Roof rat fur color varies from dark brown to black. Their droppings are long and cylindrical.


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