Black Widow Spiders

Black Widow Spiders

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The Black Widow Spider is native to the desert. It’s ability to survive very hot and dry conditions make it quite common to see around the bay area. They eat crickets, cockroaches and tend to only bite to defend themselves or their egg sac. However; a bite from a Black Widow will be very painful and sometimes lethal in smaller animals or people with compromised immune systems.

They are most active between May and October. Their webs are irregular in shape and messy. You’ll rarely find this spider indoors as it prefers dry dark places. Typically located near ground level and under a protective ledge such as lawn furniture or wood piles. If you have small children or pets active in these areas, call Day & Nite Pest Control for a spraying or consultation.


Distinguishing Characteristics:
Black widow spiders are shiny black in appearance with an oversized abdomen. If you look on the underside of the abdomen you’ll notice a bright Red hourglass spot.


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