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Gophers will wreak havoc on your lawn. You may not even know they around your home until large holes appear in your yard. Although cute, these destructive rodents tunnel through yards leaving unsightly mounds for homeowners. Because their eyesight is poor, they travel short distances creating many mounds in search of food. Gophers in the bay area eat and destroy crops by feeding on the roots beneath ground.

Gopher holes lie just a few inches below the surface, causing the ground to collapse when stepped on. Because their tunnels make the ground uneven, there is an increase in liability issues to homeowners and other municipalities due to ankle injuries.

gophers-control-bay-areaDay & Nite Pest Control has extensive experience treating gophers in the bay area. In fact, control of this pest is difficult. Once one gopher is eliminated, another is likely to move in after if not treated properly. If you reside in the Bay Area and think you have a gopher problem, Contact us today!


Distinguishing Characteristics:
Gophers have a short, stocky, pear-shaped build. Most average between 5 –10 inches long and weigh up to 2 pounds. Gophers have short fur similar in color to the soils around which they live. Gophers have powerful forequarters, large-clawed paws and lips that close behind their large incisors that they can use for digging.


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