Honey Bees

Honey Bees

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Bees are an essential insect, they pollinate our flowers and fruit. Colonization is what makes them so successful yet also dangerous. In most cases bees will make their hives away from people; however when they start colonizing in drywall or the interior of a building it’s time to call in a bee professional.

Day & Nite Pest Control has been protecting homes and businesses in the Bay Area for more than 38 years. Our technicians are among the most experienced and professional in the industry.

If you notice a hive near your home, be careful! Bees are attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale. Threatened bees will attack the face around the eyes, nose and mouth. Bee hives grow rather quickly, so if you think you might have one within your home contact us right away.

If bees are routinely hovering under the eave of your roof or entering holes on the exterior of your home, you most likely have a hive. It’s better to handle the situation quickly as honey from the hive may cause a tremendous amount of damage to the walls or ceiling. Day & Nite Pest control has extensive experience dealing with honey bees the San Francisco Bay Area. Contact us today!


Distinguishing Characteristics:
Bees can be black or brown with red, yellow or blue stripes. They average about .75″ in length and are hairy to enable them to collect pollen. Bees colonies are made up of three components: a queen bee, infertile female worker bees and male drones. Often times will leave you alone unless provoked.


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